I love a good comeback.

All good stories end in a comeback. Alright alright, maybe not all. But a lot of good stories end in a comeback… some form of someone losing something (money, a game, a bet, health, life), and at the last second turning things around for an unexpected win. Random examples: Michael Jordan. The Backstreet Boys. Beauty […]

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There’s A Place For You Here.

You know what’s fun? Doing something for yourself, just because you want to…. and then not apologizing for it. Last weekend I went to Brooklyn, New York. I went to hear Elizabeth Gilbert and Rob Bell talk about life and creativity and what it means to live a creative life for a day. You know, […]

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Nobody Likes Dry Elbows

So the title has nothing to do with the actual content of this post… I just thought maybe it would catch some people’s attention. Plus, it’s true…… do you know anybody who likes dry elbows? #clickbait Anyway, thought of the week: We have to give up what we want before we get it.  Not an earth-shattering […]

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It’s the Climb

Apparently I was a big Hannah Montana fan as a kid, because somehow her song lyrics have wound up in my blog twice in the past two months… the girl’s got a point though. Life really is a climb. And now, unsurprisingly, please allow me to use this simple phrase as an excuse to ramble […]

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