My Story

Hi there! Welcome to I’m Bibs. *Awkward hug* It’s a pleasure to meet you. 🙂 I’m really glad you’re here.

Now feels like as good a time as ever to introduce ourselves, so…

A few random facts about me to start us off:

1. I’m in my twenties… a “millennial” if you will.

2. I work remotely for a company in Florida.

3. I love spicy foods.

4. I cry (a lot).

5. I laugh (more than I cry).

6. I have every intention of washing & straightening my hair every day, but it’s usually pulled back, frizzy & full of dry shampoo.

7. I’m a recovering binge-eater/purger & orthorexic.

8. I’m a raging introvert…but I also hate being alone for too long.

9. I have 1 tattoo.

10. I have an atypical form of Cystic Fibrosis, so my journey to health has been a rocky one.

11. My everyday post-work routine in 4 words: Bra off. Pajamas on.

12. Watching the news makes me sad and scared.

13. Top 3 TV shows: FRIENDS, The Office, Parks & Rec

14. If I could have 5 people over for dinner I’d invite Rob Bell, Liz Gilbert, Glennon Doyle, Brene Brown, & Oprah

15. I love to sing. In my head I have the voice of Adele, Demi Lovato, Mariah Carey, and India.Arie all beautifully mixed together, though I have been told that outside of my head I do not have that voice at all.

16. I hate the dark.

17. Extremes. I love them. Moderation is difficult for me, but I am learning.

18. I hate things so I own very little (this is one “extreme” I think I’ll stick with)

19. Sometimes waxing my eyebrows & shaving my legs feels like a colossal waste of time, but I do it anyway, because these are two cultural norms I have yet to get over.

20. I spent the first 20 years of my life addicted to self-sabotage. It’s still incredibly strange to wake up every day with a mind that no longer perpetually tears the rest of me down.

21. I once didn’t wash my hair for an entire month in an attempt to go “au naturel.” I do NOT  recommend it.

22. I’ve had pancreatitis 3 times.

23. I’m an INFJ. Extroverted introvert. Enneagram 4.

24. I am very much a cat person. If I ever meet your dog I will pretend to love him but please know that it’s all a facade and I really just wish your dog was a cat.

25. Biggest fear: toilets overflowing.

26. I hate pretending. I find it incredibly exhausting and also boring.

27. If I ever need a good cry, I just search soldiers coming home videos on youtube.

28. And once it’s time to pull myself together again, I watch Dane Cook’s stand up on crying.

29. I enjoy teaching (and doing) yoga and going to gymnastics.

30. I have 1 sister. 2 parents, a mom & a dad.

31. Most days I believe in some kind of power bigger than myself out there that is Good (Love itself) and that is keeping this whole thing (i.e. Life) going. My relationship with the spiritual realm/God/the Universe/the Divine is what motivates a lot of the questions I ask myself, and a lot of the steps I take to live my life in what seems to be the best way possible in the moment I’m in.

A bit more about my story:

I grew up really, really sick. We’re talking very sick. I had things like…

  • IBS
  • JRA
  • Pre-diabetes
  • Strep Throat
  • Scarlet Fever
  • Cystic Acne
  • Tonsillitis
  • Tonsillectomies
  • Pancreatitis
  • Pancreatic stents
  • And the kicker… Atypical Cystic Fibrosis

Needless to say, hospitals + doctors’ visits + sick days were my norm for the first 20 years of my life.

And I spent those first 20 years trying desperately to heal from all of this with little to no success.

Finally, 6 years ago, my mom basically forced me to see some sort of Weird Holistic Healer Guru Man who told me to change my life if I wanted to change my health… and even though I really, really didn’t want to, my mom told me I had to and you know, you always do what your mom tells you because after all mothers know best etc etc… and so I did.

And here we are 6 years later and I can’t believe I’m saying it, but the guru’s advice changed my health and my life so much that I’ve decided to spend the rest of it becoming sort of Weird Holistic Healer Guru Woman myself. Funny how life works. Sigh… you were right, Ma. (Again).

Anyway, I’ve learned a lot the past 6 years… and given that I want to spend the rest of my life learning a whole lot more, I realized that I should probably find some sort of outlet where I could share all this stuff so I don’t explode or something.


What can we expect from

First and foremost you can expect to be a place where we help each other heal and be better.

This will happen monthly, through blog posts and/or videos on this site, but it will happen daily on InstagramFacebook. I spend most of my time posting/storying/connecting with people over there. I’ll share the top tips and tricks I’ve learned these past 6 years in order to heal mind, body, and spirit, and I’ll ask you if you have anything to add… since I’m still learning myself, too!

You can also expect to be a place where we tell the truth and celebrate each other for being real.

I don’t know about you guys, but it sort of feels to me like we’re living in a world where people are praised for pretending, which just feels very backwards to me. So will serve as a place where we can all just show up. Exactly as we are. And where we can all celebrate each other for that. Oddly enough, I’ve actually found this to be a huge piece of the puzzle when it comes to total healing, so there will definitely be a lot of real talk up in here.

Lastly, you can expect to be a platform for conversation. is not a one way street. — Let me rephrase that. It can be a one way street. If you want it to. Anyone and everyone is more than welcome to follow along for the ride. But what I really want is for to be a positive corner of the internet where we can all come and talk to each other about things that matter to us. Don’t get me wrong I love posting/talking but it’s a lot more fun when people talk back (lol). And I genuinely do believe we do our best work and learn our best lessons when we do it together. So if I post something that you relate to (or have questions about), don’t hesitate to comment/DM/email me… I’d love to hear more about you and what you’re up to.


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